Adult Volunteer of the Year

Timothy Arnold: Adult Volunteer of the Year for Palm Beach County
Posted on 01/15/2019
A teacher’s time in a school is approximately 1,365 hours per school year, so Tim Arnold’s 1,337 volunteer hours at Crosspointe Elementary School last year is simply breathtaking.

Arnold has been called the “face of the school” as he greets visitors in the front office and walks the campus halls with a warm smile, shakes all of the student’s hands and has an Olaf lunch box stocked with treats to reward new students and those who exhibit good behavior.

In addition, Arnold serves as a strong role model for the young men and women at the school. Starting with 15 boys, Arnold would meet with the group each morning and check in on their time at home, check homework and behavior and the student’s well-being. Since his involvement, the boys have shown improvement in their academics and skills.

Arnold expanded the program to 25 students and began to include girls in his lessons about hygiene, manners, dress, self-esteem and respect. He also hosts a “student of the week” lunch for students who show improvement.