Title I Information

Title I Programs are designed to improve academic outcomes for all students by strengthening instruction, promoting a culture of high expectations, engaging and empowering families, ensuring safe and healthy learning conditions, and providing a broad range of student supports.

We at Crosspointe Elementary are always looking to support our students as best we can, and we need help from parents to do even better. For the outlines we have for our parents, students, and our school itself, please see our Parent Compact.

Title I Parent Compact - English
Title I Parent Compact - Spanish
Title I Parent Compact - Creole

Additionally, we have a form regarding the events held at our school throughout the year and want to make sure everyone knows and can attend the ones that interest them. Please see our Parent and Family Engagement Plan for details.

Parent and Family Engagement Plan - English
Parent and Family Engagement Plan - Spanish
Parent and Family Engagement Plan - Creole